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The "Ultimate" Life Coach!


Image of The "Ultimate" Life Coach!
  • Image of The "Ultimate" Life Coach!

At some point, everyone needs some serious motivation to reset their attitude and regain their positivity.
Attitude is everything in order to enjoy each day and make the most of it.
Who better has the experience than Austin Idol?
World champion Pro Wrestler, successful business person, and yes, a plane crash survivor!!
Ya gotta have the right mindset to conquer the above description to become a happy, healthy, and prosperous individual.
If you have fallen off course, now is the time to get back on course again.

What you receive is (3) 30 minute phone calls per week from Austin Idol.
This is an initial (4) week coaching program that can be extended.
Cost is $3,000 and can be paid by Credit Card or PayPal.

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